Our Partners

Worcester Goes Purple is working with local government and community organizations to further the message of hope and recovery, and spur action to encourage substance abuse prevention.


Worcester County Health Department

The Worcester County Health Department is proud to partner with the community to bring necessary services to reduce the overdose rates in Worcester County and Maryland. The broad range of interventions and initiatives encompass public health science and research, harm reduction techniques, and community engagement strategies. The Health Department is proud of the overall response of Worcester County community partners to protect, prevent and promote public health in the community and jurisdiction at large. The Health Department invites continued participation and partnership as the opioid epidemic and state of emergency continues. The Health Department invites the community to support and be engaged in two new initiatives starting in Worcester County in 2019: Worcester Goes Purple and Worcester Station of Recovery Services (SORS). Worcester Goes Purple will kickoff August 31 and run through September (Recovery Month). Read their "Worcester County, Maryland Heroin/Opioid Community Response Plan 3rd Edition Revised April 2019."


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